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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Bunch of Pastels Mostly Landscape

Here are a bunch of paintings that I finally got around to posting.
Now I need to get back to the easel...

Lupine Field on the way to Monarch Lake. I remember Ed pulling over so I could walk into the field and lay on the ground for that perfect photo of flowers and mountains in the background.
12x18 pastel
$175 framed

In the Distance
12 x 18 pastel on la carte paper

Colorado Trail took this photo on a beautiful hike at Kenosha Pass along the colorado Trail. Been wanting to paint it ever since. 12x16 pasteboard

Napoleon's Tomb in Paris, France. Oh, those gardens ...
9x12 pastel $100

Bluebird Revisited is a small 5x7 on pastelbord that I painted awhile back. It looks so much better now that I touched it up a bit. This male was feeding his babies and I loved how the branch on top of the pine tree kept bending over to the point where I thought he would slide right off. That was his spot that he would wait for the female to finish then he'd swoop in with his worm.

Christmas Sunrise from the deck in Granby. 9x12
Not quite tired of the view yet ... but let's see how many ways I can paint it!

Small Aspen   8.5x8.5 pastel
$80 framed

From My Deck
I painted this during an Elizabeth Mowry workshop - she's probably my favorite artist, definately my favorite teacher. Close up deck view of wonderful Lake Granby.
8x10 pastel