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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Week 12 Back to Snow Country & Wynetka Ponds Park

I really enjoyed painting in this spot at the Bowen Baker trailhead in Rocky Mountain National Park last week.
Until I sunk in the snow. One would think I would have remembered snow shoes. I figured I'd stay close to the car. Then, I saw a view on top of a crusty 4 foot pile of snow. Had to go. I felt the warm sun on my back, I knew what was going to happen.
The length of my leg is about 29". I measured. I sunk about 29" every 5th or 6th step. It was awkward. Wedged in, you could say. Friends had to help me out at one point. I made it back to the parking lot and like all good plein air painters, painted another one.

This is the hopeful stage - a quick watercolor underpainting, the sun is shining, life is good
(note there is no other photo of this completed painting)

I have a new smaller plein air setup for my pastels

This one done safely from the parking lot next to the car

Painted with PAAC at Wynetka Pond Park last week
That lovely house on Bowles just west of Lowell with barns, chickens and interesting fences

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Week 11 Santa Fe, New Mexico

I just got home from a great painting trip to Santa Fe, NM. My fellow artists for this week were Beth and Diane. Check out their work at and

It was fantastic trip with lots of painting, lots of reference photos and the bonus of being toured around by a local artist who knows all the sweet spots to paint. Normal (non-artist) people don't know if a place is better for morning or afternoon light, but artists certainly do. Artists can be normal too ... you know what I mean. If you have an artist visiting, pay attention to the light and decide if it's better to take them to your special spot in the morning or early evening. They will appreciate it for the photos even if they are not painting.

Back Alley Coyote Fence
9x12 pastel

Blue Door to the Secret Garden
9x12 pastel

We painted this stunning historic building that at various times was a farm, a monastery and who knows what else. As one resident left, she took us in to see the grounds and the small Casita she is staying at inside the property. People are awesome. Image you walk out your front door to see someone painting a picture of your house and you invite them in to see the inside. Bonus, the owner is an antique dealer so the dormant gardens were chock full of iron works, old doors, skulls, glass, pottery - a visual feast. I took a ton of pictures and can't wait to paint more from this lovely place.

Diane Fechenbach and Beth Cooper

Not at Home 9x12 pastel
Beautiful homes in the historic district - too many to paint

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Week 10 Spruce Mountain and Congratulations!!!!

I went with a couple friends for a hike and painting last Friday. What a beautiful sunny day - I'm really excited for spring, painting flowers and getting out more often. I'm missing the daily painting. Daily living is taking up way too much time when all I want to do is paint.

Here's the good news.
Yesterday, I got that email that said "Congratulations Lisa..." which could have meant many things.

-It could have been spam, saying if I would just send along my SS# I could win a trip.
-It could have been an advertisement for male enhancement .. how did I get on that list?
-It could have been a suspicious warning that I need to change my password, just click on this link.

But it was a REAL email from the Art Students League of Denver announcing that I am got in the Summer Art Market this year and I have my own booth!
Save the date - June 10 and June 11 - I will have so very, very much art for sale, giving away a painting or two and willing to bribe people to come hang out and help me. I am so excited! Lots more info to come folks - I better get back to painting.

Spruce Mountain 9x12 oil

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Week 9 Audubon Center at Chatfield

I may be a week behind and I'm pretty sure that is never going to change. I will try to stop complaining about it. The goal this year is to post 52 weeks, so I may end up behind here and there but surely I can post 52 times, right?
So, PAAC painted last Tuesday at the Audubon Center at Chatfield. Sometimes I think - ugh - those trees are still gray and bare and the grass is still brown, what in the world am I going to paint? Then you get out there and slow down and look. The vibrant rust and yellow grasses against the blue of the water just vibrated. It made me want to paint all day. I ended up doing some abstracted oils of the shoreline and only forgot paper towels. It's always something.

Wind and Water 5x7 oil

Shoreline 5x7 oil

 Look closely - deep rich color!

Untitled and may get painted over as I did 4 small ones