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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Week 17 Zion National Park

I'm finally getting around to posting from my recent trip to Zion NP. I painted nonstop for 3 days with 2 painting buddies in perfect weather. No complaints.
This was painted early in the morning after driving into the park and seeing cowboys driving horses up to the lodge, wild turkeys wandering around, then a deer crossed the road. I thought I was in a Disney movie.

8x8 Big Bend
We painted this view several times right at the Big Bend shuttle stop
(apologies for the glare)

I felt like this - with the birds chirping, turkeys gobbling and I swear
a butterfly almost landed on me several times

One afternoon Debby came up with a fun challenge - each of us painting a connecting section
of the view. The goal was looking at them side by side (anticipating 3 amazing paintings)
with different artistic interpretations. Sweet! So, the end result may not have been
masterpieces but we had fun trying.

Cowboys taking horses up to Zion Lodge

A cowboy watering his horse from his hat

... while driving along I70. Some lucky person is receiving a fantastic sculpture

The wild animal count was high and unusual on this trip to include sheep, horses, turkeys, wild donkeys, 3 fat pigs and a squirrel with 2 big nuts. I'll stop there.

The aftermath in my car - not so neat as when we started
Have a beautiful day and get outside everybody.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Week 16 Unnamed Roads in Utah

It's rainy at home this morning which is fine, since I'll be in the studio all day. I just returned from painting in beautiful Utah last week.

This trip, my painting buddies were Anita Winter and Deborah McAllister. Traveling with a couple other artists is the best. All we want to do is paint, and then paint more. After a couple days painting in Zion National Park we were driving around looking for a good painting spot, the conversation is kind of like ... "yeah, I could paint here" .. or "this would work" ... in a "well maybe" tone of voice. indecisive. ho hum. Then when you find the spot everybody starts yelling "HERE ... stop HERE, TURN here", or "can we go up that 4 wheel drive road"?
No, we can't.
So we parked and walked and then I realized I picked the wrong day to wear capri pants as I danced through the cactus. We laughed a lot on this trip - usually at ourselves. Having a sense of humor is key in my life.

For the next traveling artist out there - this spot was on top of a hill above the virgin river just east of La Verkin Overlook Road off of highway 9. It's on an unnamed road that dead ends at a dam. Good luck - hope you make it back.

Bucket Cactus 8x10 oil

Painting cactus in bloom has been on my bucket list - hence the name
Don't think there is such a thing as a bucket cactus

I also painted the view ... future post

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Week 15 Denver Botanic Gardens

I headed to the Denver Botanic Gardens on Saturday and was wowed by all the beautiful flowering trees and spring flower beds. Also painting were Debby McAllister and Anne Weber - artist buddies rock. As usual, I wish I had the whole day to stay and paint, I probably should start packing a lunch and paint in the afternoon too. Because all I want to do is go back before these spring blooms disappear. Maybe tomorrow.

So folks, stop and smell the roses (literally).
Find what makes you happy.
Don't sweat the small stuff.
Appreciate every single day.
It's gonna snow again ... it always does ... but the sun will always come back.

Botanic Gardens Blooming I
9x12 pastel

Botanic Gardens Blooming II
8x10 pastel

Botanic Gardens Bloom III
5x7 pastel

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Week 14 Spring Fever

It's that time again, spring fever sets in. We had a really mild winter but I still yearn for flowers and more flowers. OK, I've had spring fever since January.

I worked on this piece for a few weeks and I am happy with how it turned out. I had some beautiful daffodils, yellow roses and lilies in a vase and used that for my inspiration. I have a nice wall picked out for this painting but I'd also be happy if it made it's way to someone else home or office. Either way, it's spring fever here big time.

Spring Fever
30x40 acrylic

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Week 13 Civic Center Park

I ventured to Civic Center Park on Sunday to paint the capital building with Anita Winter. Good thing because it's snowing like crazy today when PAAC was supposed to go. I painted here last spring and thought of all the different paintings I might do. After wandering around I found myself back in the same spot as last year. What's up with that?

The best part about painting with friends is there is always at least one good laugh in there.
The highlight of this particular painting session was when one homeless chap stood behind us for a few minutes and stated "I like the one on the left." As I was standing on the right - it took all I could to not burst out laughing. OK, I can certainly live with that as Anita really is a better painter than I.

Civic Center Park III - 8x10 pastel

I really wanted the painting to be about the trees so I ruthlessly
cut off the top of the capital building on this one so that gold
dome would not steal the show
Those Trees at Civic Center 11x14 pastel

Directly behind me was a bed of yellow tulips in full bloom
Tulips in Civic Center Park 8x10 pastel

There is Anita painting - on my left