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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Week 33 Local Color

I'm currently painting on Cape Ann in Massachusetts. Today I set up to paint a house off School Street. This one house had a beautiful magenta/purple door and trim and lovely flowers - purple. You know me, I couldn't resist. It was the color ... the purple lures me in every time.

As it turns out, I picked a great spot. First, I chatted with the guy in the building next to me, he talked about lobster fishing, told me about the guy whose house I was painting and recommended the best spot for a sub. Then another guy drove by named Jeff, we chatted for a bit and it turns out he is an artist with a gallery down the street. We stopped in to visit. Amazing artist, check out his work here.

Then Willie (whose house I was painting) came out - took a picture and off he went. Turns out he's Willie Alexander, a musician who was in the Velvet Underground and wikipedia tells me he has a checkered past - I just liked his house.

After packing up, another guy parked next to my friend Stacey (painting down the road) and said - want some tomatoes? We said OK and got some tomatoes out of his car. I've been painting here for 4 days and have met so many colorful characters - all friendly and helping us find amazing painting spots.

I LOVE Cape Ann.
It has the friendliest people I have ever met ... and the best local color in every way.

Willie's House

Jeff Weaver's studio space in his gallery
beautifully covered in paint