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Friday, November 17, 2017

Me & Bill Gates: Almost the Same Thing

Painting is on hold for a month as I'm firmly attached to my sewing machine. See, I have this obsession of making these mittens and selling them to raise funds for the Alzheimer's Association. Read about it here. I've already sold 75 pair this year and have orders for at least 100 more. I've exceeded my goals and now to be honest - it's kind of a sewing frenzy.

Since the news of Bill Gates donating 50 Million to help find a cure for Alzheimer's ... I admit, I feel a little inferior. Like really small. But, I firmly believe if we all did just one tiny thing, that ripple effect will take over and each small act of kindness will make this world a better place. $50 million or $25.00 - it all adds up. I'd send Bill a pair but not sure of his address.

Contact me if you want to purchase some to benefit the Alzheimer's Association - we can pretend our contribution is as good as Mr. Gates. or

Batch #2 for the season

This group lined up ready to sew the cuffs

A custom order for someone that needed yellow fleece liner inside

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Week 34 Annisquam Lighthouse

I finally unpacked my paintings from my October trip to Gloucester, MA. I was gone 3 weeks, loved driving across the country and had a great time staying in various Air BnB's. I stayed with an Mennonite family in Lancaster, PA, an 1840's farmhouse in Connecticut (complete with bats in the barn) and a chic apartment over a flower shop in Iowa. I did a lot of sketches which I posted on instagram here.

I met many lovely people all along this trip which confirmed my view that people really are great everywhere. OK, except that guy in Florida with the hidden camera in his air BnB.  I didn't find any hidden cameras ... but then again I wasn't looking.

After returning from that trip, I repacked and headed to Canyonlands National Park with my husband. Being in a remote area of Utah with no internet or cell service is an experience everyone should try. I love the Needles district and there also happened to be a meteor shower that weekend - score!

Before you think I'm completely self centered and my happy world is all about traveling & painting - know that my heart breaks every time I see yet another news story about a mass shooting and it make me want to go to bed and pull the covers over my head and never, ever come out.
Instead, I remind myself how insignificant I am in the big picture of it all ... try and be a good person, love fully, have gratitude daily and give back as much as I can.

Annisquam Lighthouse - pastel 9x12

Painting on hold for November as I'm busy sewing. A HUGE thank you to my friends and family for purchasing them to benefit the Alzheimer's Association, and dragging around batches of 20-30 to sell to your friends. I've raised $2,000 already this year. Read about them here.
If you'd like some mittens for holiday gifts or want to bring a basket to your local bookclub, work or school - just let me know - Thanks so much everyone and have a wonderful day!