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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Be Passionate - No Lollygagging!

Last week, I spent some time in Utah painting with a couple of friends. My husband biked over 165 miles in the Moab Skinny Tire Festival. He really likes riding his bike and burned a lot of calories. He's passionate about it. I really like painting and standing around. I do not burn a lot of calories. We still make a good team.

Anyway, when I'm standing around - it's with pastels in hand and squinting at a view; trying to decipher how to get that magic on paper. I can paint those rocks slightly better than when I first tried and in a few more years, I hope to be better still. Painting trips with friends really are wonderful. Like minded artists that will paint all day, read art books at night, watch art videos, talk about art and then start doing it all over again. We eat meals as if we were in school; 10 minutes to cram in lunch so you can get to your next class on time. It's way more important to get back out and paint than lollygag around (is that even a real word?).

Now, I'm up in the mountains painting snow - different temperature than the perfect 60 degrees I enjoyed in Utah. I think it was 28 here yesterday. And, I'm with friends again. Big hug to all you artists out there - thanks for welcoming me into the world of plein air painting. I wish everyone could find their passion be it bowling, hiking, tree shaping, ice fishing, palm reading, time travel, bird watching ... you get the idea. Go find your passion and enjoy every minute because life is short.

Sunset 11x14 pastel
Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah