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Friday, April 13, 2018

The Little Buckaroo Barn

Lately, I've been doing watercolor under paintings on my pastels. When I painted this in Rocky Mountain National Park a few weeks ago, it was 28 degrees out. Never one to give up - I used a thermos and tried hot water in an insulated coffee cup. Unfortunately, by the time your brush makes it from the cup to the paper ... crystals. I hate giving up. I headed to the car, blasted the heat for a few minutes and melted the paint then headed back out to do the pastels plein air. All on snowshoes.

If you follow my instagram here you'll think that I no longer paint, and just take photos of owls. This sweet family of owls is within walking distance of my house and I've been watching them grow up. I'm headed out of town soon to paint in New Mexico and hope I can still visit them when I come back. I'm a little owl obsessed, and you guessed it - I'm painting them too.

The Little Buckaroo Barn at Trail River Ranch - built in 1942

Three Owlets growing up fast