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Friday, January 4, 2019

1-1-19 Home is Where the Trees Are

Yeah, I know. It's really January 4th.

I had big plans for yesterday. My house guests left (5 adult children & 2 dogs energetic puppies) and I figured I'd clean, do laundry and do my first sketch or painting for the year. Sadly, my phone has been dying for months and finally wouldn't hold a charge. So, I got a new phone.

In theory you set the new iPhone next to the old one and it all magically transfers. But actually that means hours of transferring data, resigning into apps and generally figuring it out. Multiple devices, out of memory, updating software, etc. Google helped. Ed helped. It's all good now.
Then the computer crashed this morning.

So, I'm not listing my million and 1 goals and resolutions because I'll only keep a handful. Really, I missed the first few days and still have more xmas stuff to put away. That's OK, I'm not starting the new year beating myself up. Cheers to an artful and balanced year ahead!

2019 - Ready. Set Go.

5x7 pen & ink watercolor
Home is Where the Trees Are