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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Happy Little Trees

What!? Two posts in a week after being absent from blogging for months? I'm on a roll.

Below is another painting that I am donating to the Alzheimer's Association Art Auction. See yesterday's blog post so I don't bore you with all the details again.

The second photos are aspen paintings done by MIM artist Katie Dimmer titled "Hiking through the Aspens". Hiking and aspen trees are some of my favorite things so it was an easy choice to paint something to go with Katie's art. Her "story" recorded on the back of her art touched my heart too; memories of running a family bakery and also reminding me that a person's love of family says it all.

Since I've been painting plein air I've grown to appreciate all seasons, not just fall. The green buds are so vibrant in the spring and winter holds so many hues of white, purple and blue, and hints of every single color in the rainbow. Painting a gray tree trunk is anything but gray and harder than it looks. Get outside and take some time to sit under a tree. Look at the complicated lines in a leaf, stare at the gray trunk and see how many colors you see. Bob Ross may have had the answer to it all, painting happy little trees over and over. I want to do that.

For sale at the Alzheimer's Association Art Auction, June 8th at the Pat Bowlen Field House at the Broncos Training Center.

Happy Little Trees by Lisa Hut
24x48 Acrylic

Hiking through the Woods by MIM artist Katie Dimmer
(3 separate paintings before framing)

Always with gratitude for your support, Lisa

Upcoming events:
ASLD Summer Art Market
Booth #22
Grant Street between 3rd and 4th, Denver
June 8th and 9th 9am to 5 pm

Wednesday, April 24, 2019


Each year I donate a painting or two to the Alzheimer's Association for their annual Art Auction in June. In case you are a new reader, you can visit my website here or the Alzheimer's Association here to read about this fantastic program and fundraising art auction. My regular readers, you've all heard about it many times before. Stop yawning.

So, this year I was inspired to do my pairing (called a pairing, because they will be sold together) with a little watercolor done by MIM artist Rena, titled Pre-storm Brilliance. First, it's a sweet little painting that I fell in love with. Second, I immediately could picture a much larger version with a very calm sky ... more like post-storm.

Art is so much more than painting a tree - I reflected on Rena's painting and thought a lot about the storm of a dementia diagnosis and all the chaos and dark clouds that follow. Normally, I don't "copy" a painting but I loved everything about this work and wanted to make a much larger version of Rena's tree - as a reminder - that after each storm there is a time of peace with a big calm sky.
A reminder to myself too.

So, I hope someone else feels the peacefulness I tried to paint into this work - just in case you also
are in the middle of a storm.

Oasis by Lisa Hut
24x30 gallery wrapped canvas - oil

Prestorm Brillance
by MIM artist Rena Reck

Always with Gratitude for your support, Lisa

Upcoming events:
ASLD Summer Art Market
Booth #22
Grant Street between 3rd and 4th, Denver
June 8th and 9th 9am to 5 pm