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Alzheimer's Association Memories in the Making

I volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Association and facilitate painting classes with dementia patients. The program is called Memories in the Making (MIM). It encourages communication through painting, increasing self esteem and providing sensory stimulation. Individuals with dementia are often able to paint memories or emotions that they can no longer communicate. There's a high level of integrity (archival watercolor paints & paper) and gives patients that are losing all sense of communication; a way to communicate. I love, love, love this program!
MIM is conducted in over 50 care communities in the Denver metro area alone.

This is a small hooked "rug" attached to a wood artist palette. I designed and hooked it for the Alzheimer's Association 2013 Art Auction. Titled My Angel Paints her brush is made of silver beads as she paints a Monet sky. This is hand hooked on a 100% linen and materials used include hand dyed 100% wool fabrics, cashmere, silk, wool roving, sari silk ribbon, bamboo, some wool I ordered from Novia Scotia and even a little bit of my wedding dress made it into the angel’s dress. There’s a bit of silver ribbon in her wings.