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Tuesday, June 11, 2019


Thanks to everyone that came to the Summer Art Market this past weekend - I so appreciate your friendship and purchases. SAM is always a great mixture of reconnecting with friends, meeting other artists, connecting with complete strangers ... worrying about the weather and happily selling art.

Congrats to Christina V. for winning a free painting in my drawing. Who says you can't get free stuff anymore?

On Saturday night I attended the Alzheimer's Association Art Auction, it's the biggest art weekend for me of the year, every year. After a long week; on Sunday night I fell asleep at 8:30 pm and slept for 10 straight hours. Awesome.

So, about this painting ... it still needed a little work and was in a corner of the studio (kind of forgotten to be honest) but on a whim late Saturday night I decided to finish it and bring it to the booth on Sunday.
One buyer looked at it and thought she liked it positioned horizontal - rather than vertical. It surprisingly worked and the name changed from Spring Awakening to Turntable. All I could think of was turning the tables or looking at something with a new perspective. Sometimes I beat myself up for being so abstract and loose but this time it magically worked.

 Next time something doesn't feel complete, or I'm not seeing it quite right, I'm going to do a little 90 degree rotation and see what happens. If you see me out plein air painting and I suddenly start spinning around, you'll know why. Thanks "L" for your fresh perspective and purchase. It was certainly meant to be. Have a happy week everyone.

24" x 48" Acrylic - sold

@lishutart on instagram

Wednesday, June 5, 2019


I vividly remember painting this work - it was the first time I realized how joyful painting made me feel, especially when I had no expectations. I was deciding that I was going to paint no matter what.

I've always been an artist, but spent years wanting to be a painter and it took a lot to finally make that happen. The leap was to just do it and letting go of what might or might not happen (lots has happened, by the way).

It's always made me happy when I look at it on my studio wall. I glanced up at it tonight and decided it was time to pass the explosion of color on. I hope someone else likes this bright abstracted cloudy work. If not, it may go back on my studio wall so I can reflect on my creative journey just a little bit more.

No expectations.

Heres to break-throughs of all kinds.

Break Through
16x20 Pastel
Framed $350

Hope I see you this weekend at: ASLD Summer Art Market
Saturday & Sunday - June 8th & 9th, 2019
9 am to 5 pm  Booth #22

@lishutart on instagram

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Hey Bud!

PAAC is currently in Grand Lake painting this week - I'm getting out with them as the weather allows, but also busy preparing for ASLD Summer Art Market in 2 weeks.

I have lots of new work; "bin" priced stuff at $25-$50, original cards for under $10 and many pastels and several large acrylic and oils. More work than I can fit in the booth as usual.

This year I'm sharing a booth with my friend Robyn. Check out her stuff here. She is accomplished in a variety of mediums and will be showing her beautiful animal portraits, representational still life and landscape oil paintings ... and fun contemporary acrylic pours. Basically, what I don't do - she does. Between the two of us, it's like having 7 different styles. Ha! Please stop by to say hello.

ASLD Summer Art Market
Saturday & Sunday - June 8th & 9th, 2019
9 am to 5 pm
Booth #22

Spring is a little late this year, it's supposed to snow in a couple of days up here at 8,600 feet. The aspen have barely budded out and the mountain peaks look like February. Trail Ridge is not open this weekend. Mount Baldy is covered in white and peeking behind these trees that I sketched from Grand Lake Lodge this morning.

I've never noticed that when aspen trees bud out, the base is bright red and the leaves electric green, I'm going to watch them this week and see how fast they open.
I mean, I always liked being outside as a kid - probably because our parents said "go outside and play and don't come home until it's dark". It was the 70's. I was sitting outside drawing back when I was in single digits. Some things never change. So, I guess I'll credit my mom for my love of nature - thanks Mom.

Hey Bud!!
5x7 pen and ink watercolor

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Happy Little Trees

What!? Two posts in a week after being absent from blogging for months? I'm on a roll.

Below is another painting that I am donating to the Alzheimer's Association Art Auction. See yesterday's blog post so I don't bore you with all the details again.

The second photos are aspen paintings done by MIM artist Katie Dimmer titled "Hiking through the Aspens". Hiking and aspen trees are some of my favorite things so it was an easy choice to paint something to go with Katie's art. Her "story" recorded on the back of her art touched my heart too; memories of running a family bakery and also reminding me that a person's love of family says it all.

Since I've been painting plein air I've grown to appreciate all seasons, not just fall. The green buds are so vibrant in the spring and winter holds so many hues of white, purple and blue, and hints of every single color in the rainbow. Painting a gray tree trunk is anything but gray and harder than it looks. Get outside and take some time to sit under a tree. Look at the complicated lines in a leaf, stare at the gray trunk and see how many colors you see. Bob Ross may have had the answer to it all, painting happy little trees over and over. I want to do that.

For sale at the Alzheimer's Association Art Auction, June 8th at the Pat Bowlen Field House at the Broncos Training Center.

Happy Little Trees by Lisa Hut
24x48 Acrylic

Hiking through the Woods by MIM artist Katie Dimmer
(3 separate paintings before framing)

Always with gratitude for your support, Lisa

Upcoming events:
ASLD Summer Art Market
Booth #22
Grant Street between 3rd and 4th, Denver
June 8th and 9th 9am to 5 pm

Wednesday, April 24, 2019


Each year I donate a painting or two to the Alzheimer's Association for their annual Art Auction in June. In case you are a new reader, you can visit my website here or the Alzheimer's Association here to read about this fantastic program and fundraising art auction. My regular readers, you've all heard about it many times before. Stop yawning.

So, this year I was inspired to do my pairing (called a pairing, because they will be sold together) with a little watercolor done by MIM artist Rena, titled Pre-storm Brilliance. First, it's a sweet little painting that I fell in love with. Second, I immediately could picture a much larger version with a very calm sky ... more like post-storm.

Art is so much more than painting a tree - I reflected on Rena's painting and thought a lot about the storm of a dementia diagnosis and all the chaos and dark clouds that follow. Normally, I don't "copy" a painting but I loved everything about this work and wanted to make a much larger version of Rena's tree - as a reminder - that after each storm there is a time of peace with a big calm sky.
A reminder to myself too.

So, I hope someone else feels the peacefulness I tried to paint into this work - just in case you also
are in the middle of a storm.

Oasis by Lisa Hut
24x30 gallery wrapped canvas - oil

Prestorm Brillance
by MIM artist Rena Reck

Always with Gratitude for your support, Lisa

Upcoming events:
ASLD Summer Art Market
Booth #22
Grant Street between 3rd and 4th, Denver
June 8th and 9th 9am to 5 pm

Friday, January 4, 2019

1-1-19 Home is Where the Trees Are

Yeah, I know. It's really January 4th.

I had big plans for yesterday. My house guests left (5 adult children & 2 dogs energetic puppies) and I figured I'd clean, do laundry and do my first sketch or painting for the year. Sadly, my phone has been dying for months and finally wouldn't hold a charge. So, I got a new phone.

In theory you set the new iPhone next to the old one and it all magically transfers. But actually that means hours of transferring data, resigning into apps and generally figuring it out. Multiple devices, out of memory, updating software, etc. Google helped. Ed helped. It's all good now.
Then the computer crashed this morning.

So, I'm not listing my million and 1 goals and resolutions because I'll only keep a handful. Really, I missed the first few days and still have more xmas stuff to put away. That's OK, I'm not starting the new year beating myself up. Cheers to an artful and balanced year ahead!

2019 - Ready. Set Go.

5x7 pen & ink watercolor
Home is Where the Trees Are

Monday, December 31, 2018

New Year's Eve 2018

The last 2 months of 2018 was a whirlwind of travel, shows, sales (yay!), decorating, entertaining and watching life fly by. I'm always trying to slow down but there is so much I want to do! Life is also filled with losses of loved ones, health scares and enough not so good things to make it easy to be grateful for all that we have.

I'm always full of goals and New Year Resolutions - it's too late to write them all out, they are still jumbled in my head anyway. I still have 4 extra human visitors + 2 dogs visiting and after tomorrow I will get back to my "art life". I'm posting dog photos on my instagram this week and confusing art collectors. I will do the 30 paintings in 30 days for January - but think they will all be cards. I have so many reference photos that I want to paint and sketch.

The owl is hooting behind my house this evening and I picture him softly wishing farewell to 2018 and anticipating what the new year will bring. Maybe he's just hooting that it's darn cold out.

Anyway, I truly hope for joy, peace, kindness, balance and good health for all my family and friends. See you in the new year! Lisa

5x7 pen & ink watercolor card
painted of a vintage ornament on my tree

Some of my mittens for sale at James & Parry at Winterpark.
They are next to an assortment of dog items - they must know I love dogs.