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Friday, April 13, 2018

The Little Buckaroo Barn

Lately, I've been doing watercolor under paintings on my pastels. When I painted this in Rocky Mountain National Park a few weeks ago, it was 28 degrees out. Never one to give up - I used a thermos and tried hot water in an insulated coffee cup. Unfortunately, by the time your brush makes it from the cup to the paper ... crystals. I hate giving up. I headed to the car, blasted the heat for a few minutes and melted the paint then headed back out to do the pastels plein air. All on snowshoes.

If you follow my instagram here you'll think that I no longer paint, and just take photos of owls. This sweet family of owls is within walking distance of my house and I've been watching them grow up. I'm headed out of town soon to paint in New Mexico and hope I can still visit them when I come back. I'm a little owl obsessed, and you guessed it - I'm painting them too.

The Little Buckaroo Barn at Trail River Ranch - built in 1942

Three Owlets growing up fast

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Be Passionate - No Lollygagging!

Last week, I spent some time in Utah painting with a couple of friends. My husband biked over 165 miles in the Moab Skinny Tire Festival. He really likes riding his bike and burned a lot of calories. He's passionate about it. I really like painting and standing around. I do not burn a lot of calories. We still make a good team.

Anyway, when I'm standing around - it's with pastels in hand and squinting at a view; trying to decipher how to get that magic on paper. I can paint those rocks slightly better than when I first tried and in a few more years, I hope to be better still. Painting trips with friends really are wonderful. Like minded artists that will paint all day, read art books at night, watch art videos, talk about art and then start doing it all over again. We eat meals as if we were in school; 10 minutes to cram in lunch so you can get to your next class on time. It's way more important to get back out and paint than lollygag around (is that even a real word?).

Now, I'm up in the mountains painting snow - different temperature than the perfect 60 degrees I enjoyed in Utah. I think it was 28 here yesterday. And, I'm with friends again. Big hug to all you artists out there - thanks for welcoming me into the world of plein air painting. I wish everyone could find their passion be it bowling, hiking, tree shaping, ice fishing, palm reading, time travel, bird watching ... you get the idea. Go find your passion and enjoy every minute because life is short.

Sunset 11x14 pastel
Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Tenmile Range

Today Plein Air Artists Colorado met up in Dillon at Sapphire Point to paint the gorgeous vista of Tenmile Range and Breckenridge Ski Resort.

The overlook is stunning and there were quite a few "drive by" visitors. People visiting from Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia ... they'd stop and take a photo and off they would go. I've done that in many places too. But, no matter how good your camera is, it's never as beautiful as in real life. I have thousands of photos. But now, I stop and look. It's so much better than a photo. I try to burn it into my brain and yes, I'm always painting in my head.

So, I followed my friend Debby's advice today to keep it simple. I haven't been painting much so it was really nice to paint and be outside. The sun was bright and the snow brighter. Blinding actually.

After lunch, my friends got in another painting and I spent the time sketching, taking photos ... and painting in my head. I can't show you that one but it's there, and it's a pretty good one!
Artists know what I'm talking about.

Breckenridge Ski from Sapphire Point

Dressed for 9,000 feet and a nice cold wind


Anita, Debby, Jennifer
Artists know how to pick a spot

Thursday, February 8, 2018

5 am Motivational Chatter

Morning folks! I was happy to submit art again this year to Colorado Preservation Inc.'s Saving Places Conference. I sold these two paintings and it's great to have a portion of the proceeds go to this worthy cause. Read here about the places they are saving.

Cline Ranch 11x14 pastel

Colorful Colfax 11x14 oil

When we dropped off our art, I followed my buddy Debby McAllister down the street. I've mentioned before that we blend in downtown wearing our paint spattered old clothes - but Debby upped the anti by dragging a 1970's vintage suitcase along with her. These hard sided suitcases are a great way to protect & transport paintings.

All those people on the train - as we waited to cross the tracks - thought we were homeless at 7 am dragging a very old suitcase down 14th street. Little did they know she was dragging a suitcase full of beautiful art worth a couple thousand dollars. Judge not, right?


I woke up early today (as usual) and instead of grabbing my phone my hand landed on my fitbit - I pushed the button hoping to see the time and if I should get up or try to sleep a little longer.
Good Morning LISA! it flashed.
Then, Up & At 'Em! It's gonna be a great day! MOVE more! ... and I kept hitting the button, hoping to see if I could go back to sleep. And it went on and on ....

Apparently, this is called "motivational chatter" that starts off each morning that I put the tracker on. I usually ignore it but today, I've decided to turn my critical inner voice off, listen to my Fitbit and have a Good Morning and have a GREAT day. Hope you do too.

Monday, January 15, 2018

2018 Resolutions Galore

I've neglected the blog friends here are highlights of the last several months.

I had a busy holiday season and the best part was my son graduated from college in December. Yay! He's staying in Iowa and I have my first trip planned for February. Iowa - brrr.
After returning from a fabulously fun 3 week painting road trip in October, I started sewing mittens for the Alzheimer's Association, you can read about that here.
Thanksgiving was spent in Kansas City with both kids, quick trip but nice.

I spent the day in my studio yesterday and found all my paintings from the last 4 months (and several road trips) stacked in piles. I've updated my website recently and hope to start uploading more of those hundreds of paintings I've done over the last two years. I'm posting often on Instagram and you can find me here.

Colorado Preservation Inc. has again invited the PAAC artists to submit paintings of endangered sites around Colorado. This is my interpretation of the neon signs on Colfax (on their save list).

Colorful Colfax 11x14 oil
For sale at the Saving Places Conference in Denver January 31st - Feb 3rd

A few of my New Year Resolutions: Clean art room, paint, sew mittens, sew wool blankets, eat right, exercise, be happy, go camping more, stop overbooking yourself, research artist in residence programs, do rug hooking, get healthy, stop stressing, do art everyday, figure out how to do my retail taxes without spending mega hours on it, go to the mountains, blog every week, travel, sign up for plein air events, keep your messy car clean, stop losing food in the car, get outside everyday, spend more time with family, create world peace  .... OK, most of that won't happen so let's just say BALANCE is my resolution. Do a little bit of everything I love and accept that it all won't get done. Happy New Year!

Found: a can of Rotel tomatoes has been in this box since my October road trip, along
with my oil paints and a random jar of Oregano. Thank goodness it wasn't oh ...
a piece of fruit or a turkey sandwich.

Clean art room.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Me & Bill Gates: Almost the Same Thing

Painting is on hold for a month as I'm firmly attached to my sewing machine. See, I have this obsession of making these mittens and selling them to raise funds for the Alzheimer's Association. Read about it here. I've already sold 75 pair this year and have orders for at least 100 more. I've exceeded my goals and now to be honest - it's kind of a sewing frenzy.

Since the news of Bill Gates donating 50 Million to help find a cure for Alzheimer's ... I admit, I feel a little inferior. Like really small. But, I firmly believe if we all did just one tiny thing, that ripple effect will take over and each small act of kindness will make this world a better place. $50 million or $25.00 - it all adds up. I'd send Bill a pair but not sure of his address.

Contact me if you want to purchase some to benefit the Alzheimer's Association - we can pretend our contribution is as good as Mr. Gates. or

Batch #2 for the season

This group lined up ready to sew the cuffs

A custom order for someone that needed yellow fleece liner inside

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Week 34 Annisquam Lighthouse

I finally unpacked my paintings from my October trip to Gloucester, MA. I was gone 3 weeks, loved driving across the country and had a great time staying in various Air BnB's. I stayed with an Mennonite family in Lancaster, PA, an 1840's farmhouse in Connecticut (complete with bats in the barn) and a chic apartment over a flower shop in Iowa. I did a lot of sketches which I posted on instagram here.

I met many lovely people all along this trip which confirmed my view that people really are great everywhere. OK, except that guy in Florida with the hidden camera in his air BnB.  I didn't find any hidden cameras ... but then again I wasn't looking.

After returning from that trip, I repacked and headed to Canyonlands National Park with my husband. Being in a remote area of Utah with no internet or cell service is an experience everyone should try. I love the Needles district and there also happened to be a meteor shower that weekend - score!

Before you think I'm completely self centered and my happy world is all about traveling & painting - know that my heart breaks every time I see yet another news story about a mass shooting and it make me want to go to bed and pull the covers over my head and never, ever come out.
Instead, I remind myself how insignificant I am in the big picture of it all ... try and be a good person, love fully, have gratitude daily and give back as much as I can.

Annisquam Lighthouse - pastel 9x12

Painting on hold for November as I'm busy sewing. A HUGE thank you to my friends and family for purchasing them to benefit the Alzheimer's Association, and dragging around batches of 20-30 to sell to your friends. I've raised $2,000 already this year. Read about them here.
If you'd like some mittens for holiday gifts or want to bring a basket to your local bookclub, work or school - just let me know - Thanks so much everyone and have a wonderful day!